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14 August Azadi Mubarak Speech in English

Pakistan Day and Independence Day

Dear President and honorable attendees!

I begin my speech with two poems of Maulana Attullah In Aziz. He says: Love and freedom flow from life.Love is my life, freedom is my faith, I will sacrifice my whole life for love.

But my love for freedom is also sacrificed.

Respected audience is celebrating independence together. Today our hearts are new. Our bosoms are filled with joy, our eyes are filled with joy. And the current of our body is accompanied by headache. why not. Freedom is the greatest blessing in the world and slavery is the greatest in the world.

Curse A life of scientific freedom is better than a thousand years of slavery.Slavery is a yoke of curse and freedom a necklace of God’s mercy.Our mentor Hazrat Allama Iqbal said it well.

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A person who lacks water is drowned in slavery.

And Azadi Me Bahr Bekir In Hai Zindagi Babay Punjabi Hazrat Pir Waris Shah Sahib praised Azadi

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