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5 February Kashmir Solidarity Day / Kashmir Day Quotes, Poetry, Whattsapp Stuts

5 February Kashmir Day, Kashmir Solidarity Day is celebrated on February 5 every year in Pakistan. This day is a public holiday across Pakistan. This day is observed to show humanitarian solidarity with the people of Indian-Occupied Kashmir and to pay homage to the martyrs of Pakistan in their struggle for freedom.

Kashmir Day Wishes

5 February Kashmir Solidarity Day, We choose this day to pay tribute to those who have always stood with Kashmiris in support of their freedom struggle and who have lost their lives. Kashmir Day Wishes, Every year throughout Pakistan, this day is celebrated as a day of solidarity with Kashmiris, as per the resolutions of the United Nations approved by the United Nations, the justice struggle and moral support for our Kashmiri Muslim brothers, sisters, and children are expressed.

5th February is a day recognized by the United Nations to celebrate Pakistan’s solidarity with the people of Azad Jammu and Kashmir. 5 February Kashmir Black Day, On the occasion of this day, processions are taken out all over Pakistan, prayers are offered to mosques for the freedom of Kashmiris and demonstrations are held against the oppression of India and the world is told that we stand with our Kashmiri brothers every moment.

In support of them, express love with them, show solidarity, and fight for their freedom. Kashmir Solidarity Day Wishes, Religious and political parties in Pakistan organize processions, rallies, conferences, and seminars to celebrate Kashmir Solidarity Day on the occasion of this day.

5 February Black Day And rallies in favor of their Kashmiri brothers take out long marches and processions and express their love for them in which people come out to support them in their struggle for the freedom of Kashmiris and raise slogans for them.

5 February Kashmir Day History

For the first time in 1999, Main Muhammad Nawaz Sharif announced the celebration of the day of solidarity with Kashmiris. Kashmir Day History, At that time he was the Chief Minister of Punjab and the Leader of the Opposition. declared a public holiday across the country to express solidarity with the Kashmiri brothers against the Indian occupation of Kashmir and to stand with them in their freedom movement.

To tell future generations that Kashmiris are our brothers, we stand with them in their struggle for freedom. 5 February Black Day Wishes, so the day of February 5 started to be celebrated throughout the country to show solidarity with Kashmiris, and this day is approved by the United Nations. Every year Kashmir Day is celebrated on February 5.

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Kashmir Day Quotes

  • Every Kashmiri believes that every coming new dawn brings a wave of freedom for them.
  • If anyone wants to see heaven on earth, he should see Kashmir.
  • There will always be a war between Pakistan and India until there is freedom for Kashmiris.
  • Every Kashmiri knows that martyrdom while fighting for freedom is better than a life of slavery.

Kashmir Day Poetry / Kashmir Day Poetry In Urdu

سنا ہے بہت سستا ہے خون وہاں کا بستی جسے لوگ کشمیر کہتے ہیں

شہیدوں کی اذاں ہوں میں مجاہد کی ہوں شمشیر میں روتی ہوں شہیدوں کی مجھے کہتے ہیں کشمیر

کشمیر ایک جنت ہے اور جنت نہ کسی کافر کو ملی ہے نہ ملے گی

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