AIOU Workshop Attendance Percentage | Workshop Numbers

At least 4 days attendance is required for the workshop AIOU Workshop Attendance Percentage. but try to attend for 6 days According to the modern policy of the workshop.

Now if you are absent in the workshop, you will not be completely failed, but so many percentage marks will be deducted and you will have to complete them in the papers.

Workshop Number Rule

There are 10 numbers of workshops Workshop duration is 2 hours while sometimes 2 hours 30 minutes

The workshop time has been changed to Friday only. So be aware of it

▪️There will be auto generated system for your attendance.AIOU Workshop Attendance Percentage And your chat and class are on recording mode. AIU Monitoring Office is checking everything.

After every half hour write yes sir or something like understand your point and something like that The Microsoft Teams application must be installed on the phone or computer

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