How to grow Mint at home

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Home Gardening Tips Seek help from Allah said Barakatuh First of all greetings to all my friends, I hope everyone is doing well and living their lives well and making life easier for others. 🤔🤔 A small question and appeal for guidance from experienced people 🤔🤔 Some time ago I …

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Passport fee in 2023 | Eligibility Criteria for Passport Pakistan

how to pay online passport fee in pakistan

Passport in Pakistan: A Guide to Obtaining One The Fee for Normal Passport in Pakistan having 36 Pages is Rs. 3000/- only. Normal (36‑Pages)Rs.3,000/‑Rs.2500. ( + Applicable taxes)Rs.5,500/‑Urgent (36‑Pages)Rs.5,000/‑Rs.2500. ( + Applicable taxes)Rs.7,500/‑Normal (72‑Pages)Rs.5,500/‑Rs.2500. ( + Applicable taxes)Rs.8,000/‑ IntroductionA passport is a vital document for every individual who wants to travel internationally. …

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NASA took Picture on my Birthday | NASA Pic By Date

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NASA The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) was established in 1958 to explore space and aeronautics research.NASA Picture Birthday Its first mission was to launch the first human-made object into space, which it accomplished in 1961. Since then, NASA has gone on to become a major player in the …

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Ehsas Ham Qadam Program SMS 8123 Registration

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Ehsas Ham Qadam SMS 8123 the government of the Punjab announced ehsas Ham ka dam program registration via 8123 SMS in all over Pakistan. This is a very good initiative for disable person to support their life. In this program the government of Pakistan give 2000 rupees every month to …

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