December Poetry In Urdu / December Poetry Shayari

December Poetry Ghazal Shayari

December Poetry In Urdu, Winters come in Pakistan The month of December is considered very important in which the winters are at their peak. December Poetry, The month of December begins and the cold reaches its peak when everyone recites poetry while lying in the cold.

December Poetry In Urdu

December Poetry Ghazal Shayari, After working all day, when a tired man lies down in a warm blanket in the evening, he remembers the gloomy December nights. December Udass Poetry, Falling of leaves from trees due to cold weather Drops of water falling from trees on the ground gives a new feeling of freshness Many poets begin to release poetry by themselves in this month.

December Poetry Ghazal Shayari

December Poetry Wishes, The specialty of this month is that many poets start their poetry in this month and write their poetry in accordance with the charity of this month. Sad December Shayari, Many people who love each other have birthdays in this month, including their friends, cousins, and family members.

December Udass h
December Poetry Ghazal

December Sad Poetry, Where coldness is known everywhere and everyone expresses their sadness by sitting alone. Everyone has a different way of expressing their love. December Sad Poetry, To enjoy the poetry of Attar, to set a poetry wish to your friends, to recite poetry to your family members, visit our website to download poetry.

December Poetry In Urdu

December Poetry, In the beautiful month of December it is a must to enjoy poetry with cold. Come to our Website site to read and download all types of Urdu poetry. December Poetry Shayari Ghazals, Writes poetry to describe the style of this beautiful winter month.

December Poetry 2022, Every poet captures his words and his style in beautiful words and presents it to the world, which everyone enjoys reading.

پچھتاوے امیدوں میں گزرتا دسمبر

انہیں امیدوں کے محور تمہارا نظر آنا

وقت نہیں رکھتا ہے کسی کے بھی انتظار میں

ایسے ڈھلتے ہیں دسمبر مہینے سال میں

December Shayari In Urdu

کوئی تو چہرہ صدا کوئی نہ پیکر ہی ہوگا

وہ جو بچھڑے ہو گا تو بدلا ہوا منظر ہوگا

تو میسر ہی نہیں ہے، سردی ہے

اور دسمبر کی بھی اوپر سے غنڈہ گردی ہے

December Sad Shayari

All the poets sit in solitude to express their words in their own words, in their own words, which would cause poetry to us. December Poetry Wishes, In order to express their words in a beautiful way, the poets capture the words with their pen in the books which are read by the Time in the future.

December new Poetry, Visit our website to download all kinds of poetry Ghazals and Shayari to enjoy and send poetry to your friends and families. New December Poetry.

Download Sad December Shayari

Sad December Poetry

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