ahsas program 8171

Ehsaas Program 8171 Online Portal

Ehsaas ration portal is a system of distribution of ration .Ehsaas ration portal 2022 was designed to provide cash or ration packs to people of covid 19 crisis .
The main reason of establishment of Ehsaas ration program is the role of government to provide equality to people like them .In Ehsaas ration program will be given to the people after checking the eligibility criteria.
Prime minister dr.Sania Nishtar said people earning less than Rs.31000 eligible to apply flour cooking oil and ghee at discount rates .
Prime minister Imran khan said under Ehsaas ration program 30 percent subsidy should be given for next six months.Ehsaas ration program will be beneficial 20 million families across country and 130 million total people.
How beneficiaries will be identified for Ehsaas ration program :-

Ehsaas ration portal

The prime minister dr.Sania Nishtar said that there are deserving people who can be identified and can benefit from this portal .Ehsaas ration program is beneficial for 20 million families.Ehsaas ration program provide subsidy of Rs.10,000 on purchasing cooking oil. Many deserving people life will be easy.
Ehsaas ration program registration


Ehsaas ration portal
People how want to take advantage of Ehsaas ration program must have computerised national identity card and a valid registered mobile number.after registration issued a ration card and have benefit of 30 percent subsidy and buy ration from government utility stores.

Eligibility criteria for Ehsaas ration

Eligibility criteria for Ehsaas ration program in Pakistan:-

ahsas program 8171

Ehsaas ration program cover 20 million families across Pakistan with poverty score of less than ata.31,000 .about 60 percent Pakistan population will be able to have benefits from Ehsaas ration program.
Government employees eligibility for Ehsaas ration program:-
Government employees having less than 31,000 earning will be eligible for Ehsaas ration program and can apply for this .abroad employment are not included in that program.Ehsaas ration program gives subsidy of Rs.120 billion .
Provincial government will have 65 percent budget and federal government have 35 percent quota.

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