Gas Schedule In Punjab / Gas Schedule For Winter

Gas Schedule In Punjab/ Gas Schedule For Winter 2022/2023 

Gas Schedule In Punjab, Sui Northern Gas Company has announced the gas load shedding schedule. SNG Sui Northern Gas Company has developed a gas load-shedding Plan in Punjab for three months. Sui Gas Schedule In Punjab, According to the schedule prepared by the Punjab government, this plan will be implemented for three months, three days for Saints, and two days for CNG stations in a week. The schedule will be implemented from 15 October 2022.

Gas schedule in Punjab

Gas Schedule In Punjab 2022, Further, the Punjab government said that the decision to shut down CNG stations was made to supply gas to domestic consumers. Gas schedule for winter, According to the three-month calendar issued by the Punjab government, factories and companies may not face gas load shedding for more than a month, while other commercial consumers and secretaries may not face gas load shedding for the next year. Shading may be encountered

Gas Schedule in Punjab For Winter 22022-2023

The Punjab government has divided the various factories across Punjab into four parts. CNG Schedule In Punjab, Gas load shedding to factories and factories in Multan and Bahawalpur districts from 25 to 31 October. Gas Schedule In Lahore, The Punjab government incorporated the factories and factories of Lahore Sheikhupura and other districts. All factories in the Faisalabad region will have to face gas load shedding from November 1 onwards till February.

CNG Schdule

CNG Schedule In Punjab, All CNG stations across Punjab should be closed for two days a week to ensure gas supply to consumers. Moreover, CNG Association Punjab said that their decision is only in Punjab without asking them, if they do not withdraw this decision in Punjab, then they will close all CNG stations in Punjab. will go and a protest will be announced.

Gas Load Shedding Schedule In Punjab

The news that is spreading rapidly on social media, in which the Punjab government has announced load shedding of gas for more than 18 hours, all the news is wrong. Gas Load Shedding Today, Sui Southern Gas Company rejected these reports in a recent meeting and denied them, saying that no plan has been prepared for gas load shedding beyond 18 hours.

Gas sechdule in punjab

Gas Schedule In Pakistan, Sui Gas Company termed all the news spread on social media as fake and said that no such plan had been clarified and no such plan is expected in the message. We reject all false news.

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Gas Schedule In Karachi For Winter 2023, Sui Southern Gas Company has not yet announced the gas schedule so the Punjab Government has ensured and directed the gas company to ensure gas supply to domestic consumers during meal times. Further, no strategy is clear yet, but apart from this, a two-day gas shutdown has been announced for all CNG stations in Punjab.

In addition to a gas shutdown during mealtimes during winter. which will not be acceptable this year like in previous years. Even before this, Pakistan faced a shortage of gas during winters, Gas Schedule For domestic consumers, It should be noted that this time the government of Pakistan has advised the gas company to ensure gas supply during breakfast and lunch hours. The Sui Northern Company has been assured that domestic consumers will not experience gas shortages during these winters and that all domestic consumers will receive their full gas demand.

SNGPL Gas Schedule, The Central Gas Company said that the demand for gas increases during the winter, 98 MMCFD is required to supply gas to domestic customers during winter while Sui Gas Company has only 65 MMCFD.

Gas Schedule For Winter 2022-2023

CNG Schedule In Punjab

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