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Gussa Poetry in Urdu | Gusa Shayari Urdu Sms 

Gussa Poetry in Urdu

Anger is an emotion that can take hold of anyone at any time. It can be caused by a variety of reasons, from frustration to disappointment to hurt feelings. self respect gusa poetry in urdu. gusa poetry in urdu sms. But no matter the reason, it’s important to find a healthy way to express and manage anger. One such way is through poetry. In this blog post, angry poetry in urdu text. we’ll explore the world of gusa poetry in Urdu, which can help us better understand and cope with this intense emotion.

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What is Gusa Poetry?

Gusa poetry, as the name suggests, is a type of poetry that deals with the theme of anger. It is a form of Urdu poetry gussa funny quotes in urdu. that is often used to express intense emotions and feelings of frustration. Gusa poetry can be written in various forms, including ghazals, nazms, and shayaris.

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The Importance of Gusa Poetry

Gusa poetry is an important tool for expressing and managing anger. Writing poetry can be a cathartic process, allowing us to release our pent-up emotions in a creative and constructive way. It can help us better understand our feelings, reflect on our experiences, and find meaning in our struggles.

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Gusa Urdu Poetry Shayari

غصہ مجھے آتا ہے، مگر میں اپنے آپ سے کہتا ہوں
کہ آج سر پر نہ پڑے، میرے بات کو سنتا ہے کوئی

گر میں بھی ہوں غصے کا شکار، تو مجھے بھی معاف کر دینا
کیونکہ مجھے تم پر بہت غصہ آتا ہے، اور میں کچھ نہیں کر پاتا

Examples of Gusa Poetry

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Here are a few examples of gusa poetry in Urdu:

Teri nafraton ka toofan sar se guzar jata hai.”

Kuch logon ki khushbu, kuch logon ka gussa hamari hai.”

“Meri zindagi ka sawaal hai,
Tujhe khud se zyada main apne se paak rakhna chahta hoon,
Magar tere gusse ne har baat bigaad di hai.”

Tips for Writing Gusa Poetry

If you’re interested in writing gusa poetry in Urdu, here are a few tips to get you started:

Reflect on your feelings: Before you start writing, take a few moments to reflect on your feelings. What is causing your anger? What emotions are you experiencing?

Choose your form: Gusa poetry can be written in various forms, so choose the one that best suits your message and emotions.

Use imagery: Imagery is a powerful tool in poetry, so try to use descriptive language and vivid imagery to express your emotions.

Be honest: Poetry is a form of self-expression, so don’t be afraid to be honest and vulnerable in your writing.


Gusa poetry in Urdu is a powerful tool for expressing and managing anger. It can help us better understand our emotions and find constructive ways to cope with them. Whether you’re a seasoned poet or just starting out, writing gusa poetry can be a valuable and cathartic experience.

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