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How to grow Mint at home

Home Gardening Tips

Seek help from Allah said Barakatuh First of all greetings to all my friends, I hope everyone is doing well and living their lives well and making life easier for others.

🤔🤔 A small question and appeal for guidance from experienced people 🤔🤔

Some time ago I tried to grow mint indoors but it could not group In fact, I took it from someone along with the roots and planted it in different pots and took care of it, but it dried up.

How to Grow mint

follow some few easy steps to grow mint

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Remove all the leaves from the mint sprigs, leaving only 2-4 leaves on the tip, and put the mint sprigs in a glass glass or bottle.

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Add three to four inches of water. Put it in a place where the sun does not come, change the water every two days.

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the roots leaves will come out in 7-8 days, when the roots are a little bigger, take them out of the water and plant them in a pot, the easiest way.

This is the method, I applied mint twice with this method.. 😊😊

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