Jazz 30 Day Bundle

Jazz Monthly Call Package | Jazz 30 Day Pkgs

Jazz monthly call Package

You are finding monthly call Package for make calls. Jazz Communication Network has been introducing ( monthly call Package ) better and better packages over time keeping in mind the needs of its users.

Jazz Monthly call Package

There are four telecommunications companies operating in Pakistan, with the passage of time, Jazzz ( monthly call Package ) telecommunication has become the most used network in Pakistan, in this era mobile phone and monthly call Package has become a necessity of every human being.

Jazz Weekly Whatsapp Package Details

Name Weekly Whatsapp Package
SMS 1500 SMS
Mbs 25 MB WA
Bundle Charges Rs. 30 (Incl. Tax)
Sub Code *101*1*07#
Un-Sub Code*101*1*07*4#
Validity7 Days
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Jazz ( monthly call Package ) network is widely used in Pakistan due to its better network service and better packages, jazz call packages, jazz internet packages, jazz sms package, jazz social media packages and details of all jazz monthly call Package are provided on our website.

Sheikhupura Sahiwal Super Data Offer 1

Jazz 30 Call Pkg Code

jazz call packages and Bundles monthly call Package, Weekly Call Package or Monthly Jazz Call Packages Subscription Code and Unsubscribe the Jazz the Jazz monthly call Package.

However, if you are looking for jazz monthly call Package then you have come to the right website. Now we will tell you how you can activate jazz monthly call Package code and Reactive or Deactive the monthly call Package.

Solved Quarries

What is Jazz SIM monthly call Package activation code?
how much balance can the monthly call Package be applied to?
Jazz monthly call Package Sub Code?
Check Jazz monthly call Package Minutes?
How check jazz monthly call Package Status?
how deactivate Jazz monthly call Package?
How check Jazz monthly call Package Remaining Minutes?

Terms & Conditions :

Jazz monthly call Package is Limited time offer, it is subject to change anytime.
The monthly call Package Jazz Call set up fee is applicable.
The monthly call Package Overage of Data Re.1.2/MB applies in case incentives have been exhausted.

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