Khawab main Sanp Dekhna ki Tabeer in Urdu

Most of the holy people and religious scholars have had enough access to the knowledge of knowledge, but the following six elders have become especially famous and unique experts in this knowledge. go Here they are. (1) Hazrat Daniyal (peace be upon him) (2) Hazrat Imam Jafar Sadiq (RA).

(3) Hazrat Imam Muhammad bin Sirin (4) Hazrat Imam Jabir Maghri (5) Hazrat Ibrahim Kirmani (may God bless him and grant him peace) (2) Hazrat Ismail bin Ash’ath Note: If the bears were the sole occupations of the Imams in interpretation, but Hazrat Imam Muhammad bin Siren’s name is particularly prominent in this knowledge. It seems more appropriate to say that Hazrat Ibn Sirin is the sun of the sky in terms of the city of knowledge.

A snake in a dream is an enemy of wealth, treasure, wife or children.

(1) If a person is not afraid of a snake in a dream, it is a sign of getting wealth and power. A snake in a dream indicates a wealthy enemy. Because poison is wealth in a dream.

(2) If he catches a snake, he will get wealth from the enemy in peace.

(3) Killing the snake succeeds the enemy.

(4) If the snake’s blood falls on his hand, the enemy will die and he will get his wealth.

(5) If the snake bites, then the enemy will suffer.

(2) If the snake is burnt, the king will get revenge on his enemies and will kill his enemies.

(7) Snake is the argument of Arnasfar.

(8) If you see that snakes are being killed in the markets, then there is an argument for the victory of the enemies of that place.

(9) If the king hunts snakes, he will win over his enemies by deceiving them. The snake oppressor is an ugly royal man with enmity in his heart.

(10) A black snake indicates a person who is a big cheat.

(11) While the white snake indicates the weakness of the enemy.

(12) If you see that a snake is talking to him gently, it is an indication that he will get good from the enemy. And people will be surprised by it.

(13) If the snake speaks in a threatening and intimidating manner, then the enemy will rebel. Unless the snake bite is also taken, because in this case the meaning of the bite will be explained.

(14) If you see the snake coming out of the bridge and re-entering the bull, it is an indication that some jinn is worried about hurting it.

(15) If he sees himself fighting a snake, he will fight a strong enemy. Whoever is successful in dreams will also be successful in reality. (16) If the snake is successful in biting, then the dreamer will be caught in such trouble from which it will be difficult to escape.

(17) If he licks a snake on his bed, it is argued that his wife will die.

(18) If he sees a snake around his neck in a dream and cuts it into three pieces, he will divorce his wife three times.

(19) If the snake is cut into two pieces, he will receive half of the share from the enemy.

(20) If one gets both pieces of a snake in a dream, one will benefit from such a person, Juno will become a servant and will have many children.

(21) Sometimes cutting a snake into three parts subdues three enemies. A noble man has a desire to have servants and children, a rich man.

(22) If snake meat is eaten raw, it is a proof of victory over the enemy and acquisition of halal wealth through Jihad.

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