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Laylat Al Qadar ki Dua and importance of Qadar Night of Power

Qadar Night of Power

Laylat al Qadar is very important event for Muslims. Qadar Night is most important and blessingsls full night for Muslims. This night known as the Night of Power and Better then Thousands of Night.

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Laylat al Qadar ki Dua

The importance of Shab Qadr And what do you think is the meaning of Shab Qadr?

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That is, the worship of this one night is better than the worship of a thousand months)

(Surah Qad Raspara 30)

Laylat Al Qadar Night

The hadith of the Prophet ﷺ says where Muhammad Mustafa ﷺ said: Look for the night of Qadr in the last ten days of Ramadan.Dear friends! According to the Qur’an, 1000 months of taqrabiya (83 years are 4 months).

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Being the ummah of the Prophet ﷺ, this favor of Allah is great on us that he has given us the opportunity to get maximum reward in a short part of our life. All of us Muslims should take advantage of this great night of Allah and forgive our sins, may this be our last Ramadan.

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