Merry Christmas Wishes and Islam

( Christmas_Day) December 25 fact

Important questions

1 – How to say Merry Christmas?

2 – What does it mean?

3 – Can we say Merry Christmas to a Christian?


Merry Christmas means.….

You have become a son of God, congratulations. God’s refuge, nawzballah min tawlan Having such a belief is disbelief which destroys the faith of a Muslim. _____ ×××××× _____

Allah Almighty says in the Holy Quran _____

(Say, “He is Allah, the One of Allah, the Most Merciful.”) (Surah Ikhlas. Part 30)


O Prophet! You say, Allah is one. He does not need anyone. He did not give birth to any son.

And no one has known him, and no one can be like him We are Muslims …..

Neither should we say Merry Christmas, ❌ Nor Happy New Year.❌ Jesus peace be upon him.

Christians believe him to be the son of God And celebrate Christmas Day in the joy of his birth.

So please…

As a Muslim

Don’t say Merry Christmas.

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