petrol price in pakistan
petrol price in pakistan

New Petrol Diesel Price Today 01 February

The Price will updated with coming the new Petrol Diesel price in Pakistan by Ogra Pakistan.

petrol price in pakistan
petrol price in pakistan

The importance of petrol in Pakistan cannot be overstated. It is a crucial component of the country’s economy and plays a vital role in various industries and sectors.


Petrol is the primary fuel used in automobiles and public transportation, making it essential for the movement of people and goods. It is also used in airplanes and ships, which are important for trade and commerce.


Petrol is used in tractors, threshers, and other machinery used in agriculture. This makes it an essential component in the agricultural sector, which is a major contributor to Pakistan’s economy.


Petrol is used as a raw material in several industries, such as the chemical industry, and as a fuel in power generation, which is crucial for the overall economic growth and development of the country.

Energy security:

Pakistan is heavily dependent on oil imports to meet its energy needs. The domestic production of petrol is not enough to meet the country’s demand, and thus, it is important to ensure a steady supply to avoid energy shortages.

Government revenue:

The government generates a significant portion of its revenue from taxes on petrol, which is used for various development projects and public welfare schemes.

In conclusion, petrol plays a vital role in the economy, transportation, and overall development of Pakistan. It is crucial to ensure a steady supply and control the prices to avoid any negative impact on the country’s economy and people’s livelihoods.

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