New Wheat Rate in Pakistan 2023
New Wheat Rate in Pakistan 2023

New Wheat Rate in June 2023 Govt Gandam Price

Govt Wheat Rate June 2023

This year due to the flood situation, the yield of wheat decreased and due to the loss of wheat due to rains, the rate of wheat was increased significantly.

New Wheat Rate in June 2023

Wheat Price June 2023
Wheat par 40KGRs.4100

Since the beginning of this year, the government of Pakistan had fixed the price of wheat at 3900, while many farmers and hoarders have stored wheat. It is expected that the price of wheat will decrease significantly in the coming days

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‏گندم کی خرید وفروخت آج کا ریٹ ساڑھے چار ہزار سے 4100 روپے فی چالیس کلو، غلہ منڈی

Today Govt Wheat Gandam Rate

Hoarding is not a proper thing in Islam and it makes it a forbidden source of sustenance, so the hoarders are worried this time because the government of Pakistan is seeing the price of wheat fall.

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