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Titan Submarine

This is the story of five people who tried to test God’s ancient judgment.

I can’t wrap my head around what’s going on with the Ocean gate. The experience of being a part of this deadly trap costs a whopping $250,000 per person. The submarine had 5 people on board, including its creator, Stockton Rush.

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The purpose of the trip is to descend to a depth of 3,800 meters to admire the rusted remains that were once part of the famous Titanic structure. There is no other submarine in the world that can reach this depth, and there is no other OceanGate submarine (first clause).

OceanGate Submarine

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On Sunday, 1 hour 45 minutes after setting off, all contact was lost, and as of today, Thursday, nothing has been heard from Stockton Rush despite a rescue operation starting soon after the loss of contact.

OceanGate Pics

Oceangate Pics

If he survives, these are the questions I would ask the crew and creator: The submarine was controlled with a Logitech gaming controller, such as a PlayStation controller (second clause).

There was no regulatory authority to certify and approve the submarine’s safety, and when anyone questioned the matter, they were fired. Who pays $250,000 to see a ship that sank in 1912 through a submarine screen?

For God’s sake, watch a documentary on YouTube and you’ll see the exact same thing. Why didn’t the submarine have GPS?


In a world where an AirTag costs 35 euros, couldn’t similar technology be integrated into a submarines. Only a few millionaires pay that much to die like this.

In this submarine there are people who are the owners of billions of trillions of rupees who willingly surrendered themselves to the waves of the sea and then they lost contact with the people of the earth and then the superpowers of the world gave them this pain.

He tried all his powers and abilities to get rid of it, which seemed to fail. It was of no use to the people on board this submarine that they owned billions of trillions.

Verily, Allah Ta’ala has truly said that even if you are in strong forts, death will still come to you.

After all, which is the caste in front of whom every power is zero? He is the creator of all of us, the true God, the one and only, the entity of Allah Almighty

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