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Pakistani Actress Viral Video with Bajwa Reality

Pakistani Actress Viral Video

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Allah says in the Holy Qur’an, “And you should never slander chaste women, surely this is a great sin (meaning).

Let me clarify one thing, according to the rules of Sharia, four respectable witnesses are required for the sin in question, who are eyewitnesses, now 3 of these four respectable witnesses confess and one says that I accused them.

Seen at the place (the place of the sin). That is, they were present at the place of the sin but did not see them committing the sin, then the remaining three witnesses can be given 100 lashes, (for each case, and some of each jurisprudence).

There are different definitions) Now those who spoke, they themselves turned away from this, let’s go, the problem is not whether a sin was committed or not, the problem is who authorized you, what evidence do you have? Everyone is innocent until proven guilty. And even if a sin is committed, the Shari’ah commands that people’s sins be covered, especially personal sins, which you have nothing to do with.

Look, there is God’s name, let this society live, let people live, that is not a thing called wisdom in memes, who got the topic, sat behind the keyboard and said anything in the cycle of views.

Allah says in the Holy Qur’an, when something comes to you, investigate it, lest you act without investigation and later you have to bear shame (meaning).

They say talk about people’s sins only when you yourself are free of sins, check Major Sahib’s tweet, they say I have not named anyone and not these four at all. This is not how society works, these things have been started by the establishment, sometimes make a video of a judge, sometimes a politician and blackmail them.

Fear Allah, this matter is for this society and your hereafter.

with due respect

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