Petrol Prices In Pakistan / Today New Petrol Prices

New Petrol Prices In Pakistan

Petrol Prices In Pakistan, Due to the falling value of the rupee, an increase in sales tax on petroleum products is expected, due to which the price of petrol in Pakistan will increase. The new price of petrol is likely to go up to RS 309 per liter.

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New Petrol Prices, After the change in the exchange rate, the price of petroleum will go up enormously. According to the analyst, the price of petroleum will be compared to the scenario without the implementation of the sales tax after the new exchange rate.

Diesel Prices In Pakistan, The Government of Pakistan has announced an increase in petroleum products due to the sales tax, after which the price of a liter of petrol has to be increased by RS 83.

Due to increasing circulating debt and increasing value of the dollar, increasing the implementation of petroleum levies and sales tax is being considered. The government of Pakistan has started consultation on the OGRA summary.

Petrol Prices In Pakistan Tomorrow, According to the summary sent by Ogra, there is a possibility of increasing the levy of sales tax on petroleum products. All over Pakistan, the price of petroleum products is reviewed after every 15 Days. At present, the price of petrol per liter in Pakistan is Rs. 215 This price is Rs 309 per liter while It is diesel Prices 228 to be increased to Rs 341 with a 50% increase.

Today Petrol Price In Pakistan

Today Petrol Price, With the declining value of the rupee in Pakistan, the IMF decided not to give the loan installments, after which the value of the dollar increased significantly, due to which the prices of petroleum products are likely to increase.

Petrol Price In Pakistan, Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority Ogra has sent a summary of levies tax increase to Pakistan on Monday, which is likely to increase petroleum levy prices. The prices will be applied from February 1 after the approval of the Prime Minister of Pakistan.

OGRA has sent a summary of the increase in petroleum products by up to 28% to the Prime Minister’s Office. PSO Petrol Price In Pakistan Today Live, After the highest increase in the value of the dollar, there has been a decrease in the Exchange rate after which there is a possibility of an increase in the price of petroleum. In recent days, the price of the dollar has increased to 25 rupees in Pakistan.

The price of the dollar in the interbank foreign exchange market is 262.7 Rupees at the highest level in history.

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