Quaid e Azam Day | Quaid e Dzam Day 25 December Birthday

Quaid e Azam Day

It was not easy to make eye contact with the Englishman and raise his voice for his right…
By Allah, today, when 30 crore Muslims living in India say that Jinnah was real, my love for Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah increases even more…
But it wasn’t easy….it wasn’t easy at all…
He smokes cigars…
He plays snooker…
He keeps dogs, he doesn’t even have a beard…
He dresses like an Englishman…
He also recites the Quran in English.
A Parsi woman is also married by converting her to Islam.
His only daughter is married to a Parsi.
Muhammad Ali Jinnah is Suni.
Muhammad Ali Jinnah is a Shia.

Quaid Day Best Poetry Shayari Quotes in Urdu and Englsih New Essay
Quaid Day Best Poetry Shayari Quotes in Urdu and Englsih New Essay

Slaves of the British, some greedy Muslims used to shout these slogans day and night on the streets and Muhammad Ali Jinnah used to listen to all these slogans silently….
What was the scene that even their own Muslims opposed the Quaid-e-Azam and even asked the Quaid-e-Azam instead of the Quaid-e-Azam…
But I will sacrifice myself for the life of Muhammad Ali Jinnah that when he vowed to create a separate homeland for the Muslims, to create an independent Islamic state, he gave his last breath to Pakistan…
While many intellectuals became enemies, many intellectuals also supported them and took off their turbans and placed them at the feet of Muhammad Ali Jinnah.

When his only daughter married a Parsi, he severed all relations with him and made a will that even at the time of my death he should not be allowed to come near me.
Despite this, it was said that the country that could not take care of the daughter will take care of it…..
When it came to friendship, I walked shoulder to shoulder with Allama Iqbal and said on his death that Iqbal was the one who made me Quaid-e-Azam from Muhammad Ali Jinnah…
When Jinnah, who called himself an infidel from sectarians, fought the case of Ashiq Rasool Ghazi Ilm Deen Shaheed, he proved that there is no sect greater than the love of Muhammad.

When the last time came, his head was in the lap of his sister Fatima Jinnah on the footpath, his heart was relieved to get a separate homeland for the Muslims, the ambulance was on the way and the spirit flew away….
Born on December 25, 1876, the lion of Allah met his true creator on September 11, 1948, a year after the creation of Pakistan.
But without saying anything, all these questions raised in the hearts of the Muslims born to this world were answered… that how Allah gave success to Muhammad Ali Jinnah, who lived like the British. .

اقبال نے شاید یہی سمجھانے کیلیئے لکھا تھا…

کی محمد سے وفا توں نے تو ہم تیرے ہیں

یہ جہاں چیز ہے کیا لوح و قلم تیرے ہیں

Happy Birthday to Father of Nation

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