SSGC Sui Gas Schedule Pakistan In Lahore Karachi Load Shedding Time Table

if you are finding about new gas schedule in the summer session 2023 we are updated new schedule of gas.the gas schedule for summer 2023 e is follow you can also check Day After day this web page for new schedule and updates about sui gas you can also check gas bill and electricity bill online from our website thanks for visiting

General information

The plan to shut down Sui gas for 18 hours from October 15 across the country.

Gas supply time will be 06.30 am to 08.30 am 12 pm to 1 pm 7 pm to 9 pm.

During the summer or during the spawning season

Natural gas is a priceless gift, but its reserves are dwindling at a rate of 10 per year, and we are facing a big page in the coming summer. . This season due to several fold increase in case demand and marked decrease in delivery due to low pressure and line pack problems in Sui Southern Gas Muslim, all our customers who are located in the end areas of our distribution system. At thirty it may face non-availability of petrified ki ba gas. In order to overcome this situation, Sui Southern Gas Company will have to increase the gas load to make it possible to supply gas to all its domestic customers, according to the chart given below, they will be supplied with gas at different times. will be provided in which they can manage their own cooking. In this way, the gas supply times are limited, but with this revenge, the gas pressure will improve and the Ar-Line pack will also be in accordance with the needs of the system. This summer we will need the cooperation of our customers to encourage them to use alternative sources of energy like LPG.

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