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Storm in Pakistan Update

Bipar joy cyclone hits ketti bandargah and badeen. The beach name come in our eyes looks like surfing the waves with family and friends, watching the sun set, doing some family fun bathing and having a lot of fun.

Reality of the sea⛵

It is said that the lap of the sea is so big that whoever goes into it becomes his, whether it is things, a person, a boat or anything else.It happens only when there is a threat of a storm in the sea. Often there are predictions of a storm in the sea and many times, by the grace of Allah, our eyes have seen it change.

Today’s Prophecies

Storm forecasts are still being made by the Meteorological Department and this storm has a name bipar joy cyclone. The direction of this storm Katty is a port and badeen. This area is at a distance of twenty five kilometers from Sakro, it is towards the beach .This area is being described as the center of the storm.In 1999, there was a storm here in which more than six thousand people lost their lives.

IMG 20230615 WA0002 11zon

People are being evacuated from Thatta Keti port to Badin and all the coastal areas.The Meteorological Department has predicted that it is more dangerous than 1999. After fourteen jun, it will turn north-east and rain from June 13 to 16.

Bipar joy cyclone which is a storm still 470 km away which is being described as Thursday , warm air has already started coming in from the sea.

Already in view of the storm .It was built on the beach side in a forest called Mangoes so that whenever storms came, they would be the first to hit that day so that population would be least harmed and also the poster area of Balochistan.There is a risk of infection.470 km away is Badin and Thatta within Sindh Gujarat are also affected by it.In Bannu and Sukkur there has been a very bad wind, which Sindh has not seen before.Sindh is currently in the most danger.

Winds of one hundred and seventy per kilometer. It is a prediction.And its effects are already beginning to show on the Neti Jetty bridge the electric pole has fallen. And beach water that is pretty muchHas increased and at this time the water of the sea coast is very high up to the road.

May Allah protect us all.

Some people still think it’s a joke and say that the sea is always deceiving, God forbid. Our economy is going very down and what if our ports stop working .This is not the time for joke.

Safety Tips for Sea Storm

Please don’t go to the beach. You are all precious to your family, so your family should be precious to you.

Don’t lose hope.Think well in these difficult situations Because if you cannot run on the path of Allah, then walk.If you can’t walk, drag yourself, but don’t change the path….

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