new dollar rate in pakistan
new dollar rate in pakistan

Today Dollar Rate | Dollar to PKR

Aslam o Alikum

In April 1972 “Mint Act” was ratified by this act US become adopt this currency.The USD ,(United States dollar).It’s symbol $ . since after world war 2 the dollar has been most important currency in all around the world.It is commonly used in all around most widely used currency in international trade and other transactions in All around the world .

In Pakistani currency totally depends on Dollar .In out country 1$ rate about 297 in Pakistani currency .

new dollar rate in pakistan
new dollar rate in pakistan

We say that ” dollar paly main role in Pakistan economy ” due to this Inflation always increase in 2018 the Inflation rate was round about 10.8% and dollar rate 114 Pakistani rupees the rate of dollar increase every new day due to this the forigen debt 124.US$ IMF loan US$3 billion also increase. but the unstability in economy this Inflation rate increase day day .

This year inflation rate about 28.3% this Inflation rate is so high in Pakistan history . Unemployment is another problem in our economy . unemployment rate about 6.80%per year this rate increase.The poor policies of GOVERNMENT this forigen loan interest rates increased and dollar always increase..

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