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Petrol Price In Pakistan May 2023

Today Petrol New Price, OGRA Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority Announcement of raising the price of petroleum, The government of Punjab will be announced the new price of oil and petroleum for the half-mid month of May 2023.

Today Petrol New Rate, The oil and gas regulatory authority is the department of the Government of Pakistan and was inaugurated in 2002. It is responsible for controlling the gas and oil region all over Pakistan.

Today Petroleum Rate, The aim of the authority of oil and gas is to promote competition and increase investment in oil and gas. They also want to work for the benefit of the public, they also respect the rights of individuals.

Petrol Price In Pakistan

Today Petrol New Price, The organization comprises of Chairman/ Chairperson and an additional three representatives are a member of gas, a member of oil and a member of finance.

Today New Petrol Price Vision of Authority

The vision of the authority is to develop safe work continuously for progress and for competition in the field of oil and gas. They want to make coordination with their shareholder and provide a suitable solution. They face many challenges from the different sectors and save the interest of their nation.

OGRA Rising of Petroleum Price

The Petroleum prices of oil and gas do not remain the same every month in fact the price of petroleum changes every fifteen days in a month. The government of Pakistan increased or decrease the price for the development of their nation. It may rise or fall according to the situation of the economy.

Prize of Petroleum in Pakistan today

The price of petrol is Rs. 282, the high-speed diesel rate is Rs. 293, the light-speed diesel is Rs. 174.68 and the kerosene is Rs. 186.07.


The New petroleum Price will be implemented on 16, May 2023. Today New Petroleum Price will be declared by the government of Pakistan. The Pakistani government face many challenges in the decision to a New petroleum Rate.

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