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What is Auto insurance and Types of Auto insurance

Auto insurance

Commercial auto insurance

Commercial auto insurance covers all these things.Business auto insurance/vehicle insurance/ provides coverage for vehicle’s such as vehicle for business purposes.Any type of vehicle used for transportation other than its materials, tools, A policy to cover damage to parts and things and people is also called commercial auto insurance.When you buy a new car and get it registered, you get a number plate which gives you a unique ID and insurance is very important for your car.Generally people have this mind that if they buy a new car, they will get insured, while the theft of the car, the glass breaking, the theft of its original parts or an accident are common. Both new and it must have insurance.

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Here are the things that a vehicle insurance policy looks for,

How old is the driver’s driving record Behind the Wheel?

What type of vehicle can a driver drive?

What is your age and gender?

Where do you live or where the vehicle is typically parked?

How many kilometers do you drive per year?

Types of Auto inshurans

1.How does vehicle insurance work ?2.Thing to keep in mind while buying/renewing the inshurans.3.How to buy vehicle insurance?First of all we should know what benefits we can get from insuring a car somewhere and what the insurance can do for us and secondly what type of insurance we get and when we get it. What can we face if we renew or buy it and how can we get an insurance?

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Third party inshurans

First, let’s understand who the third party is.First you, second your car and third the one who is standing in front of you with the car.Third party insurance means that you are covered when your car accidentally collides with someone else’s car or has an accident of some kind.His car gets damaged or he gets injured or God willing If he dies .In such a situation, the third party undertakes to make good the loss caused by the assurance up and indemnifies all the losses incurred by the former.Every car owner must have third party insurance.

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Comprehensive insurance

Sometimes it happens that your car gets damaged in a car collision or you get injured or your car is stolen or there is an accident which is a natural calamity even then. It covers your loss and is included in the same way as third party insurance.Comprehensive insurance is also more important because it covers both the insurance, whether it is your loss or the loss of the tech on a third party.

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At the time of insurance

Consider this things : Modal of your vehicle.. Brand of your vehicle.. calculate your car IDV..Year of the making of tha vehicle.. Location of registration.What are the things that are covered when you buy auto insurance?

1. vehicle gets destroyed.

2. Accidental damage.

3. Third party inshurans inclusive in comprehensive insurance.

4. Things that vehicle insurance should cover theft.

5. Personal accident cover. What are the things that are doesn’t covered when you buy auto insurance?

1. If driver don’t have licences or if drive is under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

2. Thing that can be fixed in servicing.

3. If you temper with original product of the vehicle.

4. If engine is damaged due to oil leakage.

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Take no_claim bonus.. Take engine protection plane..Take insurance policy directly to avoid unnecessary commission.

Take zero_depreciation coverage Also, when we renew our insurance, we need to be smart because different companies have different policies, so at that time we need to renew our insurance keeping everything in mind.In addition to this, if you bring 25,000 in the loss of your car, then 5,000 will be yours, and the company will give you 2,000 rupees, but when you take zero depreciation cover, it means that I have I will not pay you will give everything So you can keep all these things in mind before getting auto insurance.

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