Wheat Price In Pakistan / Wheat New Price 2023

Wheat New Price 2023 In Pakistan

Wheat Price In Pakistan, Pakistan Business Forum has demanded the Punjab government to fix the support price of wheat at Rs 3900 per 40 KG for the purchase of wheat. In the meeting held in recent days, the officials of Pakistan Business Forum have demanded the Punjab government to increase the old price of wheat from Rs.3000 to Rs.3900 in this season 2023.

Wheat New Price 2023 In Punjab, The President of Pakistan Business Forum said that if the wheat Price 2023, it should be increased so that the market can be controlled in the deteriorating situation, and the cabinet of Punjab province has to take a timely decision in this regard.

Wheat Rate In Pakistan 2023

Wheat Price In Sindh, The Sindh government has also fixed the price of wheat at Rs. 4000 Per 40 kg. After which there is a demand for an increase in the price of wheat in Punjab as well. Due to smuggling of wheat in Sindh province, prices are high.

Wheat Price In Sindh 2023, Due to smuggling of wheat in Sindh province, prices are high. To prevent this, the government of Sindh has done many things after many days. Last year 2022, the price of wheat in Sindh and Punjab was 2200 rupees per 40 Kg.

Wheat Rate In Punjab 2023, In view of rising inflation, an increase in the support price of wheat is necessary to help farmers get a good price for their produce.

Wheat Price In Pakistan 2023

Wheat Rate Per Kg

RS 118

Wheat Rate In Punjab 40 Kg


Wheat Rate In Sindh 2023


Wheat Rate In KPK 2023 Per Kg


Wheat Atta Rate In Punjab

125 Per KG

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The increase in the value of the dollar led to an increase in inflation, which led to a marked difference in global and regional prices due to higher import prices. Due to which it is necessary to increase the prices of wheat so that the farmer can get the price of his production.

Today Gandam rate 2023

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